ANA, Inc. is proud to be the North American supplier of AIRMAN Air Compressors and Generators and MAC3 Air Tools. Our commitment to our customers is to Make your World Easier, by answering the phone, understanding your needs, and taking ownership to provide you solutions. With a large parts inventory and more than 90% of all orders shipping within 24 hours, you never have to worry about spare parts. We help keep your fleet in top condition with our friendly Support Department, who are always ready to help and be a resource by providing training on our equipment.

AIRMAN has been building the highest quality diesel generators and air compressors since 1971 and is a staple among construction equipment rental companies and contractors alike. With a broad range of sizes, from 13 kVA to 400 kVA, ANA has the AIRMAN generator to meet your specific job application. All models feature 24-hour runtime at full load and come standard with two-way auxiliary fuel tank piping to easily link to the fuel tank for remote sites and longer run times. Configured with the industry’s best automatic voltage regulation (+/- 0.5%) and an external potentiometer that allows for the extensive range of voltage selection, Airman generators can out-perform in any environment. The lockable three-way selector switch located inside the cabinet provides safety and protection for the generator end. Airman generator ends are constructed to a series star wire high-wye configuration, providing best-in-class motor starting capability.

AIRMAN air compressors lead the way in superior quality air compression, have proven reliability, longevity, and a bulletproof air end which keeps the jobs moving forward. The AIRMAN Air Compressor line ranges from 100 to 400 cfm and includes the workhorse of the industry: the PDS185S. AIRMAN’s high production series model options provide 100, 150, and 200 psi, and up to 400 cfm. These single and dual pressure units can sustain and run with maximum air volume and efficiency, with an optional built-in aftercooler. With its exclusive 110% containment of all fluids, the PDS185 Utility Mount ensures environmentally friendly operations anywhere, making it widely suited for municipalities and public utilities. Standard features include powder-coat paint, stainless steel hardware, corrosion-proof air intakes, and an anti-water-intrusion door seal, which keeps water and debris out and noise contained. These compressors provide the lowest cost of ownership, top productivity, and highest resale value. Curbside service and maintenance with convenient external fluid drains bring ease to service and safe operation.

MAC3’s exclusive line of pneumatic tools provides longer life and less maintenance over time as each is designed to have 25% fewer parts than other brands in the market. MAC3 Products include a range of paving breakers ideal for construction, heavy asphalt removal, and breaking reinforced concrete. For those jobs that rely on precision and power, the MAC3 chipping hammers are the perfect partner, ideal for tile removal, brick wall renovations, concrete floors, pool renovations, breaking rock in tunnels or mines, bridge deck work, and much more. Also available is the PAC 3000 AIR PICK, utilized in many areas among those that require clearing surfaces where mechanical tools cannot access without fear of damaging the elements around them. The Vacuum Dust Trapper (VDT) is a water-free dust extraction system adaptable on all brands of breakers and hammers.

We make your world easier by only selling the highest quality equipment that offers the most dependable up-time and best total cost of ownership. AIRMAN Generators are available in 13 to 400 KVA. The AIRMAN Air Compressor line ranges from 100 to 400 cfm and includes the workhorse of the industry: the PDS185S. The MAC3 Air tools range from 11lb chipping hammers to 90lb paving breakers.